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Thompson Seedless

Thompson Seedless is a white seedless grape of ancient origin and suitable for a variety of uses, including table, raisin, wine, concentrate, and canning. Its leaves are also edible and used as a wrap around fillings, in types of dolma known as sarma. In California, most Thompson Seedless grapes are grown for raisins, dried on trays placed on the vineyard floor, or in dehydrators; the grapes of this variety ripen too late to dry on vine (DOV). Tray-dried raisins develop a dark brown color and are known as ‘naturals’. Some Thompson Seedless grapes are picked fresh and taken to a dehydrating facility for pretreatments, drying, and treatment with sulfur dioxide, to preserve color. Such raisins are known as “goldens,” or “golden raisins.”. Other types of raisins, including “Sultanas” and “dipped” raisins, are also made from Thompson Seedless grapes dried in a dehydrator.