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Erbaluce is an ancient Italian white wine variety suitable for a variety of wine styles, including sparkling, dry, and passito. It is considered vigorous and productive in Italy, where it is traditionally long-pruned and grown on a pergola. In a San Joaquin Valley trial where the vines were trained to bilateral cordons, spur-pruned, and supported with a two-wire T-trellis, the yields were low, but fruit and wine quality were high. Simulated mechanical pruning greatly increased yields without affecting soluble solids accumulation, so adequate yields should be attainable by adjusting pruning practices.

Biancu Gentile

Biancu Gentile is an old French variety from the island of Corsica (Robinson et al., 2012). The fruit are rich in thiols, imparting a character reminiscent of Sauvignon blanc. Acidity declines quickly on ripening, negatively affecting fruit quality.

Moscato Giallo

Moscato Giallo is a vigorous variety with fruitful basal nodes and high yield potential when spur pruned. The clusters are large, loose, pyramidal and with large, bright-yellow, thick-skinned berries, ripening in late September or October in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Due to its high yields, relatively good disease resistance, and good wine quality potential, it can be considered a viable option to better known muscat varieties such as Muscat of Alexandria.