Biancu Gentile

Keywords: aromatic, citrus, exotic fruit, and terpenes

Biancu Gentile is an old French variety from the island of Corsica (Robinson et al., 2012). The fruit are rich in thiols, imparting a character reminiscent of Sauvignon blanc. Acidity declines quickly on ripening, negatively affecting fruit quality.

Berry Color: White
Berry Maturity: Early Season to Mid-Season
Berry Size: Small to Medium
Cluster Compactness: Well-filled
Cluster Size: Medium
Fruit Use: Wine
Product Flavor: exotic fruit, citrus, aromatic
Pruning: Spur
Seeds: Seeded
Soluble Solids: 22° Brix
Species / Varieties in Pedigree: Vitis vinifera
Vine Vigor: High
Yield Potential: Moderate to High


Clusters of Biancu Gentile grapes.

Origins and History

Biancu Gentile is an old variety originating in Corsica, France.

Vine Traits

Vines have relatively early bud-break, are vigorous, susceptible to powdery mildew and Botrytis. Clusters are well filled to compact.

Vineyard Considerations

Biancu Gentile is very vigorous, and susceptible to powdery mildew, Botrytis, and sour rot. Vines at the UC Kearney trial in Parlier were trained to quadrilateral cordons, and pruned to two-bud spurs. Leaving more nodes after pruning might help control vigor, reduce rot, and increase yield potential.


The fruit are rich in thiols, and wines may have intense exotic fruit and citrus aromas. However, the grape’s acidity declines quickly on ripening, and wine from late harvested fruit may be “heavy” (Robinson et al., 2012).



Robinson, J., J. Harding, J. Vouillamoz. 2012. Wine Grapes. HarperCollins, New York

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