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Autumn King

Autumn King is a late-season white-skinned table grape (Vitis vinifera L.), typically ripening in late October in the San Joaquin Valley. It is notable for its very large berries (>9 g natural berry weight), and high yield potential. Head-training and cane-pruning is recommended. Preliminary reports suggested Autumn King vineyards will yield 700-800 22 lb boxes of fruit per acre each year (Hashim-Buckey and Ramming), but more recently it was suggested the variety could produce 1,800 19 lb boxes/acre annually (Fidelibus et al., 2018). The difference in yield estimates depends, in part, on berry size, as original yield estimates were based on natural berry size of approximately 10 g, but optimal cultural practices can substantially increase berry size. Autumn King is patented and licensed exclusively to the California Table Grape Commission.