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Falanghina is an ancient white grape variety that flourished during Roman antiquity, and may have been used to make the most famous wine of the era, Falernian. It hails from the Southwest Campania region of Italy and is grown there today, though it is not widely cultivated outside of Italy. It is primarily grown in warm to hot climates and shows adaptability to different soils, as well as resistance to powdery and downy mildew.


Petit Manseng

Petit Manseng is an ancient white wine variety that retains exceptionally high titratable acidity even at high soluble solids (Brix). As a result, late-harvested grapes of this variety can make outstanding sweet wines. Harvested at lower Brix it can also make good dry wines, and its high acidity makes it well suited for warm-climate regions. This variety makes small clusters of very small to small grapes, and yields were moderate to low when pruned to two-bud spurs. Longer pruning should increase yield potential, and timely harvest, for dry wines, may also help achieve higher yields.